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New Zealand Honey - A Taste of Nature

We love honey! And if you have found yourself on our website, our bet is you love honey too.

Lili’s Honey is 100% NZ Honey harvested from beehives in local regions of the North Island surrounded by native bush and flora

Rest assured, once you’ve tasted our New Zealand Honey, you will never look back.

Speaking of taste, here’s our short description of what each of our honey varieties tastes like:

Manuka Honey is sweet, but not too sweet, with a delightful nutty flavour and a subtle bitter aftertaste. As strange as it sounds, Manuka Honey tastes like the smell of Manuka flowers on an spring morning in a field of Manuka Bush.

Pohutukawa Honey is another unique NZ Honey, comparatively sweeter but with a slight salty aftertaste. A light Honey, harvested from the New Zealand ‘Christmas Tree’, which is why we think it makes a rather fitting Christmas Gift, don’t you think!

Multiflora Honey has been harvested from a mixture of local flora and native bush. Honey with a mouth-watering flowery aftertaste that will always leave you wanting one last spoonful…over and over again.

Our NZ Honeycomb can be best described as an all-night disco of flavours that will leave your tastebuds always wanting more! Strong bitter and sweet flavours combine as honey oozes out of the honeycomb. New Zealand Comb Honey is a tasting experience not to be missed.

  • New Zealand Honey and Honeycomb
  • NZ Worker Bee entering the Beehive
  • NZ Beekeepers Check Beehive and Honey